Why Economics

 Economics is a social science which investigates the ways to use and share the limited resources effectively that the world has, to increase the society's prosperity. The science of economics has an important role in the lives of individuals and society. Ataturk says these about the role of economics on the society, at the Izmir Economy Congress:

" That is directly related to the life of the nation is the economics of the nation. This truth which the history and experiments condensed, appeared completely in our national life and history. If the Turkish history is examined truly,it is understood immediately that the reasons for the rise and fall are economical problems, indeed. We have to attach great importance to our economics in order to move new Turkey to a high level it deserves. All of the victories or defeats filling our whole history are associated and linked with economic problems. This is entirely an economic period of time."
Communications technology is changing rapidly today and national economies have reached a global dimension. Globalization forces economies to implement economic policies not only local but international level and to forese the results of these policies. An increasingly complex network of international relations, observing economics activities at both national and transnational, interpreting and producing effective policies accordingly, in the context of economics, thus increased the importance of education in economics.
Economics education, first and foremost, brings individuals the economic activities of life itself, and gives them ability to understand and interpret the economic point of view. That economics is a very comprehensive field of science and education program, helps the sudents to be productive.The science of economists also enable the students to analyze city and country problems and to produce solutions to these problems.