Aims of Economics Program

 Department of Economics has two main objectives; one of them is for education and the other one is for academic development:

•Training qualified economists
Not only with the theoretical, economical information but also with a sound background, we aim to train economists who has the ability to interpret analysis, and solve problem, knows at least one foreign language, follows country and world events closely, knows how to listen to others and express himself, is versatile, capable of critical and analytical thinking, and has a creative, researcher, entrepreneurial spirit, taking responsibility when needed, can work in a team, use the contemporary technology, and is broadminded.
•Producing scientific knowledge
Achieving and sustaining economic growth and development in today's world is done by doing scientific research activities, not by following the current information. In this context, the production of academic knowledge in the field of economics is achieved by using internationally accepted methods of various applications, economic data, and testing. That information can take place in the form of a policy proposal and submitted to the decision-making authorities. Another major aim of the Department of Economics in this respect, is to contribute to make correct decisions by producing qualified economic information.