Program Features

 Department of Economics, has been configured taking into account the understanding of contemporary education and training qualifications required:

  • • Academics experts in the field

The academic staff of the Department of Economics, consists of a professor who has a significant accumulation of knowledge and experience in the field, and served as a dean, a director of college and a head of department and two assistant professors who closely follow the latest developments in science.


  • • Flexible approach of education

Program of Economics has been prepared taking into account developments in national and international academic environment, concentrating in key areas such as Economic Theory, Applied Economics, History of Economics, Policy of Economics, International Economics and Economic Development.

In the program, along with the opportunity to choose elective courses in all grades, as it is necessary to provide basic economic data in the early years, the compulsory courses the number of which held high in the first and second year leave their place mainly to the elective courses in the third year. Thus, students will be able to specialized by selecting courses through their interests. The number of elective courses, the variety and the freedom to take courses in other departments will allow students to develop their skills and knowledge in their area of interest, both in business and academic life in a conscious and effective way.


  • • Supporting quality courses

Understanding the basic principles of economics is an essential part of a good economics education. In addition to this, economics is an interdisciplinary branch of science, and in interaction with other disciplines. Disciplines closely related to economics, have a complementary function of the economics education. For this purpose, courses in the Department of Economics are supported by mathematics, statistics, business administration, law, accounting, sociology, computer and similar courses.


  • • Close and effective counseling

Closeness and frequency of instructor-student relations, consulting support given to students in the process of education and training practice studies, form the core of our strategy. Especially the seminar courses in the first year, which aims to introduce students to the cultural and natural beauties of Kayseri and the field trips, make an important contribution to the cohesion of faculty members and students. Trips to the factory in the third and fourth years within the framework of the seminar classes offer our students the opportunity to see the application of theoretical knowledge they have learned and to get to know the powerful industrial background of Kayseri.