Career Opportinuties

 Today, the leading requirement to capture the emerging opportunities in the globalized world and to provide an open development is to have well-trained manpower trained with the spirit of entrepreneurship. In this context, Department of Economics, is configured around the principle of training students, as "entrepreneurs".


The main objective of the program is to provide our economy the economists, who are not waiting to be employed but creating employment opportunities by setting up their own business. In addition, for graduates of department of economics, there are wide employment opportunities available both in the public sector and private sector.


Department of Economics graduates often receive tasks in the public sector, such as the State Planning Organization, Turkey Statistics Institute, the Capital Market Authority, the Central Bank, the inspection boards institutions, various ministries, the Organization of Finance, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the Treasury Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and expertise of institutions such as economics, accounting expertise Capital Market Board, the expertise, investment expertise, finance, insurance expertise, tax expertise, and investment cunsulting.


In the private sector, as well as working as specialists, supervisors, inspectors, and the controller in the money, capital markets and industry sector, they can also find job opportunities in the fields of accountancy and financial consultancy, advertising, marketing and human resources.


In addition, students, who are interested in being academicians, will be directed to the graduate and doctoral programs and supported to make an academic career.